Dr. Tilson is starting a new chapter!

A letter to my patients, colleagues, family and friends:

It’s hard to believe that 49 years ago I finished Dental School at The Ohio State University and continued my training in the U.S. Navy at Camp Pendleton. I spent a couple more years practicing as an associate in a L.A. based practice before ultimately returning back to Columbus.  I spent 10 years associated with a dentist on the south side of Columbus before purchasing a practice in Bexley from a retiring dentist. 

In 1999, I had the chance to build a new building in Gahanna and decided to move the practice. In 2003, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Michael Fleitz and after some conversation I offered him a position on the spot.  Dr. Fleitz and I have spent the last 19 years working side by side. 


In 2019, Dr. Joshua Bullock joined the practice and has also continued to provide the thoughtful approach to patient care that both Dr. Fleitz and I have strived to provide.

It’s with mixed emotions that I’m writing this letter because I never expected to touch so many lives and truly forge so many friendships along the way. But I’m so glad I did. With that being said, as of April 1st I will no longer be scheduling patients. I’ve decided to step away from the day to day practice that has brought so much joy to my life for the last 49 years. Don’t worry, I have plenty of plans to keep me busy like continuing to teach dental students and mentoring practicing colleagues. I’m excited to finally start working on that elusive perfect golf game and you’ll find me on my bike from time to time training for Pelotonia. 

I have truly enjoyed the friendships that I’ve made along this amazing ride.  I’m leaving the office with two Doctors who will continue to bring you the ethics and quality of professional care that you have come to expect. 

Thank you for your years of support. 

Dr. Jeffrey A. Tilson

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